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To all parents of little ones:

Get ready to kiss goodbye to sleepless nights once and for all!


What parents are saying about SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program


Testimonials from parents with newborns

"I get so much more rest and I feel more confident in handling her now. I was struggling so much previously and it led to many unhappiness within the family. We always believe in knowledge of sleep science and it really help us to recognise her cues and knowing what to do when she cry. Thank you so much!"

- Mommy Faith and Grandma Anne - Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her baby was just 5 weeks old
"I feel very happy and empowered to be able to handle my twins on my own!!!!! And most people can hardly believe that I even have time for my own naps/ Netflix time/ meals! And the fact that my babies can also sleep through…my husband and I get to spend quality time catching up with each other over dinner and more Netflix haha!"
Yiqi joined Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her twins were 6 weeks old

Testimonials from parents with little ones from 4 months to 36 months old

“My hubby and I was initially skeptical about engaging a baby sleep expert but our 5 months old baby has been waking up every 1-2 hours every night needing to be patted back to sleep and nap time was even worse. He would be catnapping 20-30 mins each nap. Both of us were so sleep deprived and so was our baby. We decided to get Zoe’s help and this was by far the most constructive decision ever. 
We really should have engaged her help way earlier. It was tough at the beginning but when our baby learnt to sleep on his own by the 2nd night, we were so happy and proud of him.” 
-Cuiting, happy mother of 1 
"My baby was waking up multiple times at night and he wasn’t napping well during the day…my husband and I were exhausted and we have another older daughter to look after. After joining your Sleep Baby Sleep Program, our lives were transformed for the better once and for all and it all happened in less than 5 days! "
- Janice - Mommy influencer @cheeksymeeksy Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her baby was 4.5 months old
“It is priceless to me for my child to be in a happy environment because of him having a good night’s sleep. I can’t imagine how this sleep training worked wonders! It’s amazing!”
- Karen - Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her baby was 9 months old

What does getting your baby to sleep well means to you?

From: Zoe Chu, SG Supernanny

Where: Singapore, Asia

For every parent it's different... 
For some of you, you have been struggling for months with the sleep deprivation and you just keep soldiering on, hoping that one day your baby will outgrow those night time wakings.
For others, you probably do not mind the broken night's sleep but you are worried about your child's health and growth development being affected with the lack of sleep.
And for others of you, you are looking to get your baby to sleep well so you can get your sanity back. You want to be able to feel like 100% yourself again.
You want your ME time when your baby sleep and you want to be able to spend time with your older children. Perhaps you want to spend time with your spouse or even just have a virtual house party with your friends knowing that once your baby is in bed, your little one will be sleeping through the night.

Give Your Child The Sleep He/She Deserves!

So what will getting your baby and you to sleep well do for you?

Here are some of the benefits of good sleep for your child and for yourself

  • Develop Stronger Cognitive Abilities and Language 
  • Better for Physical and Emotional Health
  • Produces Growth Hormone
  • Boost Immune System
  • Increases Blood Supply to Muscles
  • Restores Energy
  • Builds and Repairs Tissues
  • Reduces Crying Spells During the Day (yeah even for mommies - less baby blues)
  • Stores, Organizes and Retains Memories
  • Lower Cortisol (Stress Hormone)
  • Better Mental Health

Sampling of Scientific Studies

“Babies who don’t sleep well at night consistently perform worse on tests designed to assess memory, emotional control, and organization.” (Child Development November/December 2010)
“Babies who sleep less than 12 hours struggle more to develop cognitive abilities.” (University of Alberta July 2018)
“Studies support a critical and positive role of infant sleep in cognition and physical growth.” (PMC US National Library of Medicine NIH May 2017)
“Sleep has been shown to be important for maturation of infants’ brains and consolidation of memories.” (Infant and Child Development 2011)
“Babies that sleep more at night have been found to have an ‘easier” temperament, being more approachable, less distractible, and more adaptable.” (Early Human Development 2008)

IMAGINE YOUR BABY DOING THIS... (This is a video I took of my baby girl)



Reading bedtime stories, singing lullabies and kissing your baby good night saying “Sweet dreams, good night sweetie!” And then close the door and know that your baby will just fall asleep on his own until the next day. No fuss no crying whatsoever.
You have peace and quiet to enjoy your dinner with your spouse.
You finally have me-time during the day and night when your baby is sleeping. You can go to the toilet in peace! Wow!

You don’t have to worry about having to stop pumping your breastmilk halfway when your baby cries after 30 mins of napping.

You can spend time with your older kids and no more rocking, patting and nursing your baby to sleep all the time. 

Your friends and neighbours are so amazed that your baby can fall asleep on her own and you can have time to cook and do other things while your baby sleeps.

No more arguing with your hubby about who is going to wake up for the middle of the night feeds or to settle baby back to sleep because your baby will just sleep through the night!

You are feeling happier and well rested and finally you can truly say that you do enjoy your motherhood! That’s what a good night’s sleep can do for your mind, body and soul!

Above are all real-life scenarios my clients and I have personally experienced!


If you’re thinking, “Sounds great, but can it really work on my baby? My baby is stubborn, my baby has reflux and my baby is just impossible!”



“To my disbelief, my baby can now sleep for 11 hours overnight and one very important thing that I learned is that being able to fall asleep on his own is a skill that every baby should learn.”
- Caryn - Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her baby was 1 year old
“We got our lives back! We got our sleep back! We were both happier and more productive and playful during the day. It was life changing! We will definitely recommend Zoe to as many people as possible because it really really worked!” 
- Jack and Nadia, Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program when their kids were 2.5 years old and 5 months old

This doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be your reality too.


There’s just one problem with making this dream becoming a reality for you… MOST parents don’t have any idea where to start. Let me show you what’s inside the SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Program...

What You’ll Learn:

KICK-OFF LESSON: Changing mindset and getting support

Learn to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for sleep training and build a strong support system to help you overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.

MODULE 1: Practice

Follow SG Supernanny’s 5 Steps System. It's an easy to follow, simple, proven and effective framework to apply to foster healthy sleep habits for your child.

MODULE 2: Understand the Science of Sleep

When you understand the science, you are able to explain, predict and control your child’s sleep. Discover how important sleep is for you and your baby, the hormones surrounding sleep and your baby’s sleep cycles.

MODULE 3: Prepare the ideal sleep environment

The ideal sleep environment is key to getting your baby to sleep well not just in the short term but long term as well. I will teach you the right set up whether your baby is sleeping in his own room or sharing the same room as you.

MODULE 4: Establish a good schedule and routine

Your baby thrives on structure and routine. Having a good routine is key to getting your baby to sleep well.

MODULE 5: Follow a good sleep plan

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Stick to the sleep plan and you will get a happy and well rested baby and happy parents!

MODULE 6: Teach your child the art of self-settling

Implementing self settling techniques that will gradually and gently guide your baby to independent sleep by weaning off any sleep associations they may have such as using a pacifier, feeding, rocking and patting.

MODULE 7: Lock in those healthy sleep habits for life!

Discover key sleep tips you need to get your success story and have it for years to come…No more worrying about sleep regressions!

Find your sleep training tribe with SG Supernanny Group Coaching Sleep Baby Sleep Program.

You will get expert and community support and a well rested baby!

Let’s face it with the risk of the spread of COVID-19, obtaining adequate sleep for proper immune function is more important than ever. So, I wanted to offer a more affordable way for parents who are going to take advantage of being at home to sleep train their child to have access to expert and community support.


Enrolment ends on 14th Dec 2020. The group coaching support will start from 16th Dec till 13th Jan 2021.


*Find out what the previous batch of mommies in my group coaching program said... *

What is included in the group coaching program?

- Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program (step by step videos that you can watch whenever and wherever!)

- eBook Sleep Baby Sleep!

- Written sleep training plan

- FAQs by past clients

- Age-appropriate feeding and sleeping schedule from newborn to 3 years old

- Access to SG Supernanny's Master Sleep Library (Nap transitioning, travel tips, sickness, letter with sleep tips advice for infant care, the sound of sleep and more)

- Access to a private FB group

- 4 x weekly virtual group coaching session via Zoom/Webex (First group session will start on 26th August and 3 subsequent sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis)

- WhatsApp Group Chat Support for moms for 4 weeks where Zoe will check at least 3x a day (Gold and Diamond Package)

- 3 x 20 mins private phone call with Zoe that you can use within 3 months (Diamond Package)

Meet Zoe, Your Sleep Supernanny

Hi, I’m Zoe.

If you have been struggling to get your little one to sleep and you feel that you are losing your sanity each day with the lack of sleep... 
There's a way to tackle your child's sleep issue for good—and finally, get some deep, rejuvenating sleep yourself. 
Not getting enough sleep isn't just bad for you but it's also bad for your baby. 
It's not good for babies because inadequate sleep might affect their growth and development. 
And of course, it's awful for your health (and sanity)...not to mention your marriage—it’s so hard to be yourself when you’re exhausted, right? 
I know because I’ve gone through this myself…with 4 kids! 
But I had to learn the hard way...when I first had my twins, I was really struggling to get them to sleep. My husband and I were like walking zombies. I didn't know how bad the sleep deprivation was starting to affect me emotionally and mentally until I got into a fight with my mother-in-law! I was horrified with myself as the usual well rested me would not have reacted this way. I was not myself at all.  
Then one fine day, a lovely neighbour of mine, Vania told me to explore sleep training and with her guidance, I started implementing what I have learned on my twins and voila! It worked and my twins started to sleep well and through the night. 
I started a blog about my sleep training journey. And then, other sleep-deprived parents were asking me for help. Before I knew it, my story about helping tired families was featured in “Mother & Baby” Magazine, “Motherhood”, and even The Straits Times”. 
Today, my mission is to help as many tired & sleep-deprived’ parents, just like you, claim back your sleep so you too can enjoy your little ones. 
I learned from my mistakes I made as a first time mom, connected all the dots and discovered how to get my babies to sleep well and through the night. 
So, the HARD TRUTH is that it has taken me lots of trial and error to get to where I am today. However, my goal is to change that for YOU. I want to take my own struggles and turn them into WINS for you... 
Because my business is not just about me. It’s about the people I’m meant to help. 
...and that’s where the GOOD NEWS starts for you :) 
I have developed a simple 5 Step System that is proven and effective to getting your child to sleep well and through the night.

What Do Other Mommies Think?

Here's what Author of The Chill Mom, Speaker, MomBoss Academy founder and a mom of 3 has to say about my Sleep Baby Sleep book.
"One of the most practical and refreshing books on baby sleep and why they cry. Sleep Baby Sleep is a must read for every new parent because Zoe gets parents. Her methods are easy to follow, loving and gentle with babies."
-Michelle Hon, @thechillmom

"The science of sleep is well elaborated without too much jargons, and the various methods on how self-settling (independent sleep) can be encouraged in infants and toddlers are clearly described. Her tips on identifying tired cues and routines are equally useful. "

-Geraldine Tan, Mother of 1 (Sleeping Like a SG Baby Group Founder)

"I didn’t expect to get results so soon but baby was sleeping through the night by the 2nd night and took her first full nap on the first day! By continuing with what Zoe taught, baby took one to two full naps daily around 2 weeks after sleep training. I have such a happy and giggly baby now!"

-Amber, Mommy of 1

My Work Has Been Featured in Many News Media Outlets

My 4 babies including my twins are able to sleep through the night from just 3-4 months old because I fostered healthy sleep habits for them.
I have helped thousands of tired and sleep deprived families get back their precious sleep as well using my simple, proven and effective 5 steps Sleep Baby Sleep program.
So when you see other babies sleeping so well and falling asleep on their own, it’s not because they have some special sleepy dust. 
It’s just because their parents made the decision to sign up and acquire the knowledge to apply what they have learned.

The good news is, YOU can pick up these knowledge and apply them too so you can get your baby to be a good independent sleeper!

I can say that with total confidence because I’ve helped various families transform their lives around from being a mombie to a happy and totally well rested mom.

"The beauty about Zoe’s baby sleep training program to me is like “going back to the basic” there is no gimmicks, props or any excess stuff. Just science and commitment. I like how she set up a framework for me and was quite firm on sticking to her framework. And it really worked! "

- Beth, mother of 2

Here’s the thing I want you to get:

  • You don’t have to do any CIO method to get your baby to sleep well
  • Even if your baby is the most stubborn baby in the world
  • You don’t have to be super rigid with your baby’s schedule in order to get your baby to be a good sleeper (no need to calculate total wake time and get overwhelmed by it all)
  • And you definitely don’t need to worry if this will work for your baby - it will work if you follow through my 5 steps system

I’ll show you exactly how to get your baby to be a good independent sleeper, having solid naps during the day of at least 1.5 hours each and sleeping through the night 11-12 hours every single night.

No more wondering when your baby will outgrow those night time wakings
No more spending hours rocking, patting and nursing your baby to sleep
No more arguing with your spouse about your baby’s sleep issues
No more getting frustrated with your baby who refused to sleep and crying most of the time
No more hoping and praying that your baby will just magically become a good sleeper. 

It’s time to get back your parenting life the way you imagined it to be. Enjoyable, confident and well rested.

Because I’m going to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to get your child to be great independent sleeper who loves sleep - the way every child should!


Sleep Baby Sleep Virtual Group Coaching Program helps you get your child and you well rested days and nights. You will be able to put your child to sleep with greater ease and your child will wake up happy and well rested each time.

Because you’re tired of being tired. It’s time for YOU to be the joyful mom you have always wanted to be.

Who is this group coaching program for?

  • Parents with babies 0 - 12 months old and toddlers 1- 3 years old and older
  • LOs who are not able to fall asleep without their parents’ help. This means they rely on sleep props such as pacifier, bottle, breast, rocking or patting to fall and stay asleep
  • LOs who do not have any underlying medical conditions
  • Parents who are committed to the sleep plan
  • Parents who would like expert support and be part of a group of mommies going through the same journey and do not need any one-on-one coaching/attention

Who is this group coaching program NOT FOR?

  • Parents who prefer more support in the form of 1-1 personalised consultation
  • Parents who expect overnight success and want instant results without any commitment or consistency
  • Parents who are not willing to follow through the 5 steps system
  • Parents who are unable or unwilling to tolerate ANY amount of crying whatsoever
  • Parents who do not believe their little ones are capable of falling asleep on their own

Exclusive enrollment bonuses! (TOTAL VALUE = $8,827)


Personalised Coaching From Me (Total Value = $5000)

You’ll receive 4 x Weekly Group Q&A Coaching Calls with me, where I can answer your personal questions about your child's sleep. 1 coaching session per week, total 4 weeks


Access to my comprehensive online video series Sleep Baby Sleep program (Total Value = $197)

Watch my online video series whenever and wherever - detailing all the steps you need to follow to get your baby to sleep well.


Access to The Master SG Supernanny Sleep Library (Total Value = $500)

This is the master library of all my important sleep resources that I only share with my private paying clients. It includes tips for nap transitions, early waking, travel and sick tips, detailed sleep training plan, letter to infant care, sound of sleep files, FAQs, sleep logs and sleep and feeding routine for your baby.
My master library is a combination of years of research and it ensures you have all the important info that’s accessible in one place, to save you time before you scour the internet for more sleep tips.


Access to the Private SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Group (Total Value = $1,500)

They said it takes a village to raise a child and I couldn’t agree more. Join other mommies going through the same journey as you are. Together, we help each other see the light at the end of the tunnel and grow together with our little ones. Who knows, you might make a new friend for life in this group!


Sleep Baby Sleep eBook! (Total Value = $30)

My Sleep Baby Sleep eBook is the culmination of all my knowledge, expertise and experience through the years. It has everything you need to know about your baby’s sleep from newborn to toddler stage.

BONUS #6: (Gold and Diamond Package)

WhatsApp Support Group Chat for 4 weeks (value $1,600)

Get connected to your support lifeline just one click away via WhatsApp. Be supported in this journey together with other mommies going through the same journey as you.

Let me leave you with this one true story of a client I met last year. 

I met her during our sleep consultation. She was really so happy to see me. She was tired but I can see there’s glimmer of hope in her eyes. She told me she really wanted to engage me when her baby was 4 months old. She didn’t because her family members told her “Don’t worry, baby will sleep better when they start solids at 6 months old.” So she waited. And 6 months came and went and her baby was still waking up multiple times at night.  
Then she was told when he turns 1 year old, he will sleep better. And she patiently waited despite being so exhausted and sleep deprived. Finally, she decided to stop listening to others and she listened to her own gut instinct instead. I helped her child get better sleep when he was 2.5 years old!  
The moral of the story? Trust your own mommy instinct. You are the mom, you know what’s best for your child. 
Even if you don’t at first, we can all learn from our mistakes and continue to learn to navigate through this tough but rewarding parenting journey.
I want to be honest with you, having a personalised consultation with me at your home and having that crucial follow up support from me to get your success story normally cost you more than $2,000. You are paying for the results and the transformation I can help you achieve.
But with Sleep Baby Sleep Virtual Group Coaching Program, you'll learn all you need to know about baby's sleep and get my support and the results you want at a fraction of the price. 
So what are you waiting for?


Group Coaching Enrolment Ending!












  • Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program
  • eBook Sleep Baby Sleep!
  • Written sleep training plan
  • FAQs by past clients
  • Age-appropriate feeding and sleeping schedule from newborn to 3 years old
  • Access to SG Supernanny's Master Sleep Library (Nap transitioning, travel tips, sickness, letter with sleep tips advice for infant care, the sound of sleep and more)
  • Lifetime access to the Private SG Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep Group
  • 4 x weekly virtual group coaching session via Zoom/Webex
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Everything in Silver Package plus

  • WhatsApp Group Chat Support for moms for 4 weeks where Zoe will check at least 3x a day (This support is crucial to get your success story quicker!)


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Everything in Gold Package plus

  • 3 months access to my online video programs
  • Access to Newborn, Infant and Toddler Sleep Training Plan (Ultimate Master Sleep Library) 
  • 3 x 20 mins private phone call with Zoe which you can use within 3 months.
  • Suitable if you have 2 kids that need help with sleep
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Yes, that's right! I'm absolutely confident that my Sleep Baby Sleep program will help you achieve the results you desire. My personal mission is to help a total of 1 MILLION parents & children around the world, to get the sleep we all deserve!

The risk is all on me alone. If you do not see any improvement in your child's sleep at all and you feel you did not get any value from the group coaching program, send me and my team an email [email protected] after 30 days requesting a refund. Show us that you have done the work and we’ll give you a refund! T&C applies.


Does your method involve Crying It Out (CIO)?

 Cry It Out (CIO) means different things to different people. Mostly it means you are just going to leave your baby to cry until he/she sleeps without offering any assurance and love. My methods are gentle and I don’t believe in CIO because that’s unfair to your child BUT to expect no crying at all is impossible as that’s how your child communicate with you whether he’s hungry, overtired, protesting or uncomfortable. Our job is to be able to distinguish the crying and respond accordingly with love. One of the benefits of sleep training is to minimise all these crying altogether. Once your child sleeps very well, there will be no more overtired and protest crying. Your child would wake up happy and well rested every single day. If you are unable or unwilling to tolerate ANY amount of crying, then the Sleep Baby Sleep Program would not be suitable for you.

I have tried everything and so many other sleep training programs and books out there, what makes yours any different?

I have asked many parents this question before and they would tell me that Sleep Baby Sleep Online Video Program is simple and it follows my simple 5 steps system. It’s so easy to follow and it makes perfect sense. All the FAQs and case studies helped my clients relate to their situations better.

Why should I trust you to help me with my child’s sleep issues?

The short answer is because I have been there and I have done that. I was struggling as a first time mom with my twins and I was beyond exhausted when both of them were not sleeping well. That’s why I have spent the last 6 years helping thousands of families because I genuinely want to empower more tired and sleep deprived families to get back their precious sleep and transformed their parenting lives for the better.

The long answer is I am a baby and child sleep expert, author and parenting speaker. I have a certification in Counselling with Monash University as well. My work as a baby and child sleep expert has been featured in many news and media outlets such as Mother & Baby, The Asian Parent, Sunday Times, The Expat Living, AsiaOne, Lianhe Zaobao, Money FM and Channel News Asia. In fact Harper’s Bazaar Jr magazine named my sleep program as one of the top 12 Best Courses for Parents in Singapore. 
I am not trying to brag here but I think it’s important for you to know that you are putting your trust with a recognised expert in this field and I have been doing this for a long time and I take your child’s sleep very seriously. I am passionate about sleep and I hope it shows through my work and my life. I am also a mother of 4 including a set of twins and all 4 of my babies have been sleeping well and through the night since they were 3 months old.
How long will it take for me to get my results?

This is often THE question that’s in every parent’s mind. Every child is different so the duration will also be unique to every child. Based on the thousands of clients I have helped, I would say on average it takes 1 week or so for parents to see improvements in their child’s sleep. Night time sleep usually requires less time for improvements to be seen compared to naps which may take 2 – 4 weeks.

What if I have to miss a LIVE call?

No worries! All of the calls are recorded, so you can watch them anytime. Some moms even said they missed all the LIVE calls but reckon that the WhatsApp group chat is priceless! So sign up for gold or diamond if you can't join the weekly coaching calls.


If you have any questions about this program, you can email me and my team at [email protected]

Maybe you want a more exclusive baby sleep consultation?

No problem, let's hop on a call so I can learn more about your baby's sleep. 

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