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What is your sleep philosophy?


I believe in helping families in the way that suits them the best. I only offer solutions that you feel most comfortable with. I believe in being realistic and honest – sleep training takes time, commitment, hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. I want you to come out feeling confident and ready to tackle any sleep challenges you might be having.

Does your method involve crying it out?

One of the things that holds a lot of parents back from making changes around their child’s sleep habits is the idea of leaving their child alone to figure this out.

This is what most people call cry it out (CIO) approach, means you leave your child to cry and hope they fall asleep.

First of all, I will never ask you to do things you are not comfortable with doing.

 Introducing The Sleep Baby Sleep Program

I have a 5 steps system and you need to follow all 5 steps to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. 

My Sleep Baby Sleep program has a method where you can stay in the room with your child.

So you can be there, and you can be the cheerleader and the support system and you can sit on the sidelines and kinda help your baby and cheer him on as he figures out some new strategies, but beyond that there’s not a lot we can do, because it’s about skill development.

It’s about learning something new. And you can’t learn it for your child. He’s gotta do that part on his own.

That being said, you should make peace with the fact that when changing a habit that your child is so used to, there will be some crying involved due to either protest or overtiredness.

If your child can speak, they will tell you “Mommy please rock me to sleep, or Mommy please nurse me to sleep like you have always been doing.” Since your baby can’t talk yet, they will cry instead.

I will teach you how to implement an age appropriate routine/schedule so you can distinguish your child’s crying. Right now you might be frustrated and wondering why your child is crying all the time and refusing to sleep even though they seem so tired or cranky...

If your child is crying because of tiredness you wouldn’t want to respond to the cry by feeding him. That’s not the right response. Letting him sleep instead should be the right thing to do.

There will come a beautiful day your child will happily go to sleep without protest and wake up happy and well rested! Trust me. It will happen.

The whole reason why we are doing this, is so your baby will cry less and sleep more and overall be a happier well rested child.

Here are some of SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program SUCCESS STORIES

Kean and Xixi’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their baby is 6 months old

It was a real privilege to get a lovely video testimonial from Kean and Xixi who are my clients who live in New York. They followed my 5 steps system baby sleep training program consistently and got the results they wanted for their baby. I had a great time catching up with them when I was in NYC a few months ago. Thanks so much for putting your trust in this baby and child sleep expert all the way from Singapore!

Janice’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 4.5 months old

Janice (@cheeksymeeksy), a new mom from Singapore was really struggling with her 4.5 months old baby sleep – Kyro before engaging to baby sleep expert, Zoe. Kyro was waking up multiple times at night and he wasn’t napping well during the day…she and her husband were exhausted and they also have another older daughter to look after. After joining my Sleep Baby Sleep Training Program, their lives were transformed for the better once and for all and it all happened in less than 5 days!

Gail & Gem's Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 9 months old

"Life changed after we joined Sleep Baby Sleep program. Zoe's 5 steps system works very well for Sora. All we have to do is just read her a book, give her a kiss, put her down to sleep and she's a happy baby. She sleeps within 5 mins and she can sleep for 2 hours for her naps. We are much more well-rested, we have long blocks of sleep, no disruption and no more waking up in the middle of the night to give her pacifier because she can self-soothe."

Jack and Nadia’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their babies were 2.5 years old and 5 months old

“We got our lives back! We got our sleep back! We were both happier and more productive and playful during the day. It was life changing! We will definitely recommend Zoe to as many people as possible because it really really worked!”

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